Three major scientific innovations, in the field of human medicine,  which include two vaccines 

• “the heterologous anti-cancer human bi vaccine” and 

• The “Shukrain 55” medicament

The “autologous vaccine” as well “the heterologous anti-cancer human bi vaccine”. 

“The heterologous anti-cancer human bi vaccine” is a vaccine with a powerful activity on the 

complete cure and healing of polymorph cancer caused by oncogene viruses. These viruses are 

helped by other causal factors which favor the newly established malignant process.“The 

heterologous anti-cancer bi human vaccine” and “autologous vaccine” are two vaccines with a 

new genomic information type, which prevents the adaptation of other etiological  factors to the 


The third finalized medicament is called “Shukrain 55”. This medicament is obtained by a wide 

reaction consisting of 10 chemical reagents, and is a pharmaceutic product of extensive action 

against bacteria and viruses. The medicament has very good curative and healing effects even on 

serious pathologies that cause deadly diseases in humans.

These three medicaments were finalized and patented in 2014 as the new world innovations 

classified under IPC. This is the reason for the establishment of the International institute of 

biotechnology (a non-profit organization) which very soon is expected to be equipped with the 

necessary equipment for the reproduction of medications. Whoever would like to offer his/her 

support for the “IIB” institute in order to meet its needs is welcome. In the following space, 

there is accurate data about the address, the bank account number, and also the various means 

of communication with this institute.

International institute of biotechnology

IBAN: AL7120511313828101CLOTCFEURA


Address “International Institute of Biotechnology”. Autostrada Tirane Durrës, Kodër Malishtë nr. 8 


Mob: +355 66 40 17 023