Activity Fields

“Sky Master Project Holding” Company

  1. Performs studies, piloting projects and offers to the global market new solutions and products, based on the patented technologies.
  2. Supports group member scientific institutes in performing studies, experiments and pilots for innovative products and technologies in various fields
  3. Supports group companies in realizing in Albania and abroad, pursuant to the international standards, global market oriented new products, deriving from the research, laboratory, experiments, pilots and promotion activity of the Institutes and foreign researchers.
  4. Performs global market marketing and distribution of the new products made by its group companies.


  1. Realization from research and pilot stage to production and market launch of new, original technologies and products in several fields

“Sky Master Project Holding” Company as a result of the researches supported through three decades, pilots, realizes and provides in the global market technologic innovations and their products in several fields. Creative scientists and specialists, foreign and Albanian, under the management and general support of the company, have conducted researches, experiments, realized and demonstrated their inventions related to high technology and innovative solutions in various fields with an immense interest for the entire humanity

 “Sky Master Project Holding” aims to pilot and demonstrate within 2015, in Albania and beyond, some of the technologies and prototypes realized in three decades enabling their production for the global market.

FIELD 1: Renewable energy sources for meeting community production needs for electric and thermal energy. During 2015 the following prototypes of new renewable energy sources shall be demonstrated:

  • Clean energy produced by sea depth (600 m) and marine currents, with highly competitive cost
  • Clean energy deriving from underground ( 250 m)
  • Clean energy produced by neutrons captures in atmosphere 
  • Energy produced by closed cycle air movement creating wind, (from 100 KW to 500 KW  and in opened cycle (from 1 MW to 10 MW )
  • High efficient solar panels of solar energy conversion into electric energy and thermal energy
  • Loss free transmission of electric energy in remote distances
  • Engine operating without conventional fuel
  • Water pump for high altitudes which produce energy among others

FIELD 2: Extraction from land and sea, and full cycle processing of metal and non-metal minerals required by the global market, such as:

  • Chrome; Copper; Nickel-iron ; Polymetals
  • Basalts; olivinites ; bituminous sands;  Silica Sands; Albitophirs; gypsums

FIELD 3: Albanian fresh and processed qualitative product demanded in the global market:

  • Products of Albanian nature: medical plants, forest products,
  • Bio qualitative agricultural and livestock products,
  • Sea and aquaculture products, etc.

FIELD 4: Scientific, road, environment and tourist infrastructure

In this field, the company provides:

  • Modern equipments, appliances and laboratory furniture for creation, experimentation and piloting in biotechnology; food assurance and quality; environment monitoring
  • Modern equipments, tools and technologies for road network maintenance and its supply with solar lighting
  • Equipments, tools and processing lines of typical qualitative and bio local products for domestic elite tourism and exportation
  • Tourist resorts of contemporary standards

FIELD 5: Real Estate. For the realization of the company and its group partner projects, the company buys, leases and takes in concession:

  • Lands for creating large agricultural and livestock farms
  • Water surfaces for establishing aquaculture farms
  • Constructions land for establishing collection and storage warehouses for qualitative domestic products, as well as processing lines of food products and industrial raw material


2. Support of research and pilot activities of the two group member non-profit institutes

Sky Master supports its group member scientific institutes in the establishment of construction, engineering and scientific infrastructure, as well as in the realisation of their scientific activity. These institutes design and execute projects, which after research and scientific experimentation, are finalized by:

  • Building pilot prototypes and models in real conditions, demonstrating the values and large-scale production perspective for the global market
  • Technical, legal and economic-financial documentation, enabling investments and realisation of global market oriented industrial production as per the contemporary standards

International Institute of Biotechnology, during the year 2015, with its modern appliances, shall realize in its laboratory and promote:  

  • “Shukrain 55”medication, anti-cancerous heterologous  bio-vaccine and preclinical diagnostic poly-antigen  of cancer
  • Several seeds of new varieties of main agricultural cultures
  • Enzyme processed and packed food for animal and fish breeding

The Institute for Quality and Integration of Products and Services during the year 2015, after being equipped with completed laboratories for quality control of food products, shall finalize projects in several fields, aiming at establishing contemporary production and service models in Albania and abroad, as well as for the global market. During 2015, the implementation process shall start for the following projects: 

  • Extraction and processing for export purposes of several mineral resources of the country
  • Production and processing of nature products intended for the domestic and foreign market
  • Production for domestic and foreign elite market of traditional Albanian food products of plant and animal origin
  • Production for the market of clean electric and thermal energy resources
  • Recycling of contaminations and protection of natural environment  
  1. Support for group member companies in the realization of their global market oriented products

“Sky master” supports its group member companies in creating all the conditions required for the realization of global market oriented products. During 2015 and ongoing:

  • “ALIND” sh.a  shall conduct in Albania the “Biopark” project and its transfer in several interested countries
  • “ALIND & KRAJA” sh.a shall conduct several original biotechnology innovations in the field of medicine, agriculture, livestock, aquaculture, good processing and environment.
  • “SKY AR GENERAL CONSTRUCTION ” sh.a  shall design and build the relevant facilities and infrastructure for market oriented research, experimentation and production
  • “ALBVUI” sh.a shall design, build, implement and maintain energetic, electronic, thermal, conditioning and ventilation plants, as well as the security system available for the institutions and group member companies.

4. Exclusive marketing and distribution of group companies products in the global market

Upon the realization of innovative products by the relevant group companies, Sky Master shall conduct their exclusive marketing and distribution in the domestic, regional and global market.