Company Profile

Company Profile


“Sky Master Project Holding “ will offer in the global market original new products and technologies, made by this company or its group member companies, as efficient solution for the major crisis faced today by humanity, such as energy,food, health, water and environment crises.

Mission “Sky Master Project Holding” accomplishes its mission together with other Scientific Institutes and Companies, which are organically related and interoperate, forming “SKY MASTER GROUP”. 

Motion The company and group slogan is: Research, accomplish and promote new solutions to the service of humanity to meet man’s basic needs everywhere in the world. 

1 Two scientific institutes which perform researches, experiments, pilot projects and promote new, original and patented technologies and products  

1.1 Institute of Quality and Integration –ICI established in 2008 for improvement and promotion of production and service models based on the transformation of Albania and successful contemporary practices of different fields with a great potential of impact on technological and social-economic development of our country and of the Balkans region.  

1.2 International institute of Biotechnology -INB, established in 2012  for performing studies, experimentations, producing in laboratory and pilot lines original products and solutions, patented as application of biotechnologies in the field of health and medicine, food and environment.

2 Four specialized companies for global market oriented products


2.1 Albanian International New Dimensions- ALIND , established in 2011 with the scope of application and demonstration of “Biopark“ project, with new patented technologies and products:

  •  for production and efficient use of solar energy for production of electric and thermal energy;
  •  for contamination free usage with a great economic interest of marine properties for production of multiple types of waters, salts and several components of sea water;
  •  for diverse Bio products of plant and animal origin having a several times higher annual productivity;
  •  for environment protection through recycling and reutilization of any type of waste, rehabilitation of salty and poor soils and purification of surface water from pollutants. 

2.2 ALIND & KRAJA, established 2012,  for providing to the global market new and patented products deriving from the original application of biotechnology in several fields :

  •   for immune protection, early diagnosis and full treatment of cancer and a series of other viral and bacterial diseases;
  •   for production of new seeds and varieties of agricultural cultures;
  •   for bio processed food products;
  •   for environment and natural ecosystems protection, in general


2.3 “ Sky AR Construction “ , established in 2013,

  • For building the necessary construction infrastructure tailored to the group needs and conducting projects in their research, experimental and piloting stages
  • For preparation of wide production for the global market

2.4 “ALBVUI “ , established in 2014

  • For the design, execution and maintenance of the engineering plants and systems of the two institutes and group member companies
  • For delivery of services to third parties related to the electromechanical, thermal systems of conditioning and ventilation, hygiene-sanitary, signalling, controlling, energy and data transmission system. 

1. Support of research and pilot activities of the two insitutes ,member of the "Sky Master" Group

Sky Master supports its group member scientific institutes in the establishment of construction, engineering and scientific infrastructure, as well as in the realisation of their scientific activity. These institutes design and execute projects, which after research and scientific experimentation, are finalized by:

  • Building  prototypes and models in real conditions, demonstrating the values of the  production  with the perspective for the global market
  • Technical, legal and economic-financial documentation, enabling investments and realisation of global market oriented industrial production as per the contemporary standards

International Institute of Biotechnology, during the year 2015, with its modern appliances, shall realize in its laboratory and promote

  • “Shukrain 55”medication, anti-cancerous heterologous  bio-vaccine and preclinical diagnostic poly-antigen of cancer
  • Several seeds of new varieties of main agricultural cultures
  • Enzyme processed food for animal and fish breeding

The Institute for Quality and Integration of Products and Services during the year 2015, after being equipped with completed laboratories for quality control of food products, shall finalize projects in several fields, aiming and establishing contemporary production and service models in Albania,as well as for the global market. During 2015, the implementation process start with  the following projects: 

  • Extraction and processing for export purposes of several mineral resources of the country
  • Production and processing of nature products intended for the domestic and foreign market
  • Production for domestic and foreign elite market of traditional Albanian food products of plant and animal origin
  • Production for the market of clean electric and thermal energy resources
  • Recycling of contaminations and protection of natural environment  


2. Support for group member companies in the realization of their global market oriented products

“Sky Master” supports its group member companies in creating all the conditions required for the realization of global market oriented products. During 2015 and ongoing:

  • “ALIND” sh.a  shall conduct in Albania the “Biopark” project and its transfer in several interested countries
  • “ALIND & KRAJA” sh.a shall conduct several original biotechnology innovations in the field of medicine, agriculture, livestock, aquaculture, good processing and environment.
  • “SKY AR GENERAL CONSTRUCTION ” sh.a  shall design and build the relevant facilities and infrastructure for market oriented research, experimentation and production
  • “ALBVUI” sh.a shall design, build, implement and maintain energetic, electronic, thermal, conditioning and ventilation plants, as well as the security system available for the institutions and group member companies.